A Blog Break

Hi friends!!

Wow, I know you are probably surprised to hear from me.  It’s been a while since my last post.  I have really missed blogging over these past few months, but in the meantime, I have found that I need to practice what I preach, specifically when it comes to keeping balance in my life.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I wrote a post on living a balanced life.  I talked about how this blog was my way of maintaining balance, and if I wasn’t blogging then I wasn’t taking time for the things I enjoy.  I still agree with that, but the problem is that I enjoy a lot of things!!  I just don’t know if I can fit all of them in my life right now and stay balanced.  In my opinion, that’s a good problem to have, and I’m totally okay with it!

Now that I am a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my blogging time has now become my study time.  And let me tell you, I’m LOVING what I’m learning!  Along with being a student again, I’m also…

  • still loving my career at lululemon athletica
  • staying fit by doing CrossFit and all kinds of yoga
  • spending time with Sam before he graduates and spends the majority of his time studying for the Bar Exam and then being an attorney (Eeeek!)
  • hanging with family
  • last but not least, making time for me (still working on this one)

So for now, I’ve decided that I need to take a blog break.  It’s bittersweet because I truly enjoy sharing my journey of health and happiness with you, but I’m also excited to really dive into what I’m learning in hopes to one day bring you an even better blog with better tips, advice, and maybe even health coaching services!  Who knows what the future holds for me, but for now, I plan to keep doing what I enjoy while keeping balance in my life and having FUN!

I think this quote says it best. I’m taking the time to live life a little more instead of filling it with a constant to-do list.  Easier said than done, but I think it will be worth it.


Thank you for being amazing readers.  It’s been a fun ride on this blog, and I’m glad I was able to share it with you.  I still love learning, talking about, and living health and happiness, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at anytime if you’d like.  You can still find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest(addicting! I have lots of recipes on my pinterest… most healthy, some not so much).

My mission has always been and continues to be to live a life I love and be happy.  So on that note and until next time (whenever that may be), I wish you the same… a life you love filled with happiness.




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what’s up with kale ~ lululemon blog


I wrote a post for the lululemon blog, and it was published today!  Feel free to check it out to find out the amazing benefits of kale and a few tasty recipes to go with it, like a recipe for green smoothies!  Speaking of green smoothies… I just have to share this video with you.  The yogi in me just loves this… enjoy!


Cheers & Namaste



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Hi friends!!

How is the new year starting out for you??  Mine is super so I hope yours is the same!  Busy bee around here but all good things.  So let me fill you in real quick…


It was so great spending time with family.  We enjoyed tasty food including the kale salad in my last post and even some great workouts including the one below.  It’s not all about the gifts, but I won’t lie I was pretty excited about them… cooking tools, Anthropologie, Tory Burch, and all sorts of great things .  Thank you family & friends!  I also LOVE this sign that I’ve wanted for a while, but could never find… and my Mom and Dad found it for me!!  It’s up in the living room, and I laugh every time I read it… never gets old.

DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS WOD (workout of the day) – Thanks to CrossFit Aledo for the idea!  You can do this workout anywhere!

Warm Up – 800 meter run, 5 of each exercise below

5 rounds 
10 inch worms 
10 burpees
20 lunges
30 grasshoppers



Fun night!  Sam got dressed up and I got sparkly for a dinner with no limitations.  Pork slider appetizers to start (I know I’ve mentioned my love affair with sliders), then salmon and veggies for me, and cinnamon sugar donut holes with an espresso custard sauce to top off the meal.  A little wine of course too.


2012 GOALS!!!!

I am so grateful that the company that I work for (lululemon athletica shout out) is so passionate about goal setting.  Surprisingly, it’s a really hard thing to do, but it definitely makes you take a step back and examine your life and what you really want.  Goals are NOT New Year’s Resolutions.  Goals stay with you all of your life beyond just that one year.  Let’s chat about the difference:  So your New Year’s Resolution might be to run more.  But what’s your goal behind that??? Do you really just want to run more?  Or do you want to run a 10k by May 2012??  See the difference.  Goals have power behind them.  In a goal, you declare what you want.  You set a date whether it be 1, 5, or 10 years from now.


With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my goals for this year with you and fill you in on what’s new for me in 2012!

1.  On January 17th, I have started school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to earn my Holistic Health Coaching Certification.

Yes, after 4 years getting a double major, another year getting my  masters, and 8 more months studying and taking the CPA Exams… I’m going back to school!!  Let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about school in my life!  I will be at student at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to earn my Holistic Health Coach Certification!!

It’s a distance learning program.  They send me an iPad (that I get to keep!) that is loaded with all of the lectures and associated reading material.  The day my red box arrived I was so happy… and so was Major!


The program focuses on the concept of bio-individuality meaning “each person is created as a unique individual, nutrition requirements are also highly individualistic.”  In other words, there is no ONE single diet that works for everyone.  Everyone has their own unique dietary needs.  We study all of the different dietary theories from vegan to paleo, vegetarian, atkins, south beach diet, raw diet, and the list goes on.  Not only that, but the program teaches and sets us up for having our own health coaching business whether it’s full or part time.  We get to conduct health histories with individuals looking to improve their health (let me know if you are interested!), and at a certain point in the program we will be released to start advising clients!  I’m really excited, and I’m sure you will be hearing A LOT more about this :)


2.   I have a consistent workout routine that includes CrossFit at least 3 times a week, yoga twice, and a 3+ mile run once a week by March 2012.

CrossFit, yoga, and running… what more could a girl want!  The trick is finding the time and the balance to make all of this work with other things going on in my life, which is why I’ve made it a 3 month goal.  I’m going to get there, but I don’t feel pressured to make this happen next week, but every week I’m working toward it.


3.  By June 2012, I consistently “power off” for one day a week for me time and family/friends time. 

I’m really good at keeping myself busy whether its working, blogging, tweeting, studying, writing, working out, cooking, cleaning, errands, checking emails, etc.  But, I need to make time for a day without all of that.  Just doing what I want to do, relaxing, and powering off.  I put this goal in June because I recognize that there is a lot going on for me right now, and I may not be able to completely commit to this every week until I get my routine down while trying to pursue my other goals, which will just take some time.  Today the pup, hubs, and I just hung out at the coffee shop, which was so nice!  I enjoyed an almond milk chai tea latte sweetened with honey.


4.  By January 2013, I am in the best shape of my life.  



5.  By January 2013, I have traveled somewhere new.  It doesn’t matter where… but it must be somewhere fun and relaxing.  Possibly to Vancouver to run the first ever lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon!


These are just a few of my goals.  And I’m so excited about them! Being excited about your goals is important… if there isn’t excitement, then it’s probably not something you truly want to accomplish.  So set goals and GET EXCITED!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS??????????????????????????? 

Cheers to making life awesome,


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Healthify the Holidays & more gift ideas

What… Healthify?  On this blog, it’s a word.  Just wanted to take a moment to send you a little holiday cheer!

It can be tough to keep it healthy during a week filled with Grandomther’s tasty treats and parties being centered around food and drinks, but it’s not the time to let ALL of your healthy ways go out the window… maybe just some of them.  Here are some tips to keep things balanced…

  1. Make the workout a family event.  Go for a run, walk, or bike ride with your family.  Take a stroll after a meal.  Or you can squeeze the workout in before the festivities begin.  Check out Tone It Up and YogaGlo for your online workout resources.  You can get your sweat on wherever you go. No excuses.
  2. Keep moving.  Don’t shy away from doing the dishes after dinner or cleaning up.  It will help your food settle.  Maybe even a game of Twister afterwards??? Haha, just kidding… maybe.
  3. Don’t forget about water. Eggnog, wine, fun cocktails, are all tasty drinks, but water will do you the most good.  Enjoy a glass between every non-water beverage and try to limit those.
  4. Choose only those special treats for your dessert splurge.  Pick that one treat you only get to enjoy this time of year.  Make it worth it. Check out my Thanksgiving post for some holiday eating tips.  The main tip is portion control – try things, enjoy the goodies, but watch your portions.

Along with the turkey and ham, I plan on having these dishes on hand for some healthier options to fill up the majority of my plate:

My final tip:  RELAX!  The holidays are busy with cooking, planning, shopping, packing, traveling, etc. but taking away the list of to-dos and turning them into a list of “get to dos” will make a big difference.  Changing the mindset you have can make a huge difference in your stress levels and will allow you to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.  Your health is more than just exercise and food.

And if you are looking for those last minute gifts, here a few more ideas for you in addition those in my last post, 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas:

Tiny Devotions Mala Beads - Perfect for the yogi.

Sur la Table Cooking Classes - A gift doesn’t have to be a thing, it can be a fun activity too! Find a class in your location.

iPad CaseTory Burch or Moleskin 


Vitamix - The ultimate blender for both the cook and the non-cook.  Turn almonds into almondbutter instantly!

More for the Ladies:  Check out Outblush – “a blog for girls who love to shop” –  clothes, home, beauty, and more

For the Guys: Check out Uncrate – “the digital magazine for guys who love stuff”

What’s on your workout and food menu this weekend?!? Any exciting gifts you just can’t wait to give?

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!!  




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It’s that time of year again!! And like last year, I still feel the same way about gift giving…

1. I LOOOOVE giving gifts! I get all giddy inside and can’t wait to give it. It’s the best.

2. This isn’t necessarily my personal gift wish list because, let’s face it, there is nothing that I really “need.” These are simply gift ideas for you to add on to your own wish list or your gift giving list.

3. If you are wanting to go the healthy route with your wants and/or gives this year, then boy do I have a list of ideas for you!  And a couple other random and not necessarily healthy gift ideas, but things I just like.  The more the merrier!

So let’s get to it!  And these are in no specific order, so be sure to check them all out!







OAKLEY WOMEN’S SUNGLASSES can’t decide… thoughts?


LULULEMON ATHLETICA – technically beautiful athletic apparel and accessories  (my fav! of course this goes on the list!)

*Yes, I work for lululemon athletica :) , but that isn’t the primary reason why this is on my gift guide.  The main reason is because I’ve basically always been obsessed with their products!


FITBOOK - fitness + nutrition journal


BONDI BANDS - function headbands/ear warmers with motivational and fun sayings!


TONE IT UP LONG-SLEEVE TEE  - Who is Tone It Up?  Find out here!


SPIBELT - an easy way to carry your cell phone and other necessities while exercising


VITABAND – identification to wear while you run on the trails or working out. It holds medical information, emergency contact info, and the ability to use your credit all from the band.



UP by JAWBONE - a band and iPhone application that work together to help you live healthier (this is blows my mind!)


EATSMART PRECISION GETFIT DIGITAL BODY FAT SCALE – I’m not a big fan of being obsessed with the scale.  You can really tell by how you feel and how your clothes fit.  BUT the scale is a good tool to track your progress, and I love that this one gives you more info than just weight because weight can only tell so much, especially since muscle weighs more than fat.


CROSSFIT GYM MEMBERSHIP   Go here to find out more about CrossFit. 






DOGEARED CREATE NECKLACES (make the perfect necklace to go with your friends’ style!)





MICHAEL KORS IPHONE ZIP WALLET - when you just don’t need your whole purse… like when you are going to the gym/yoga class/etc.



T-FAL ACTIFRY – the healthier way to fry and get crispy sweet potato fries!

YONANAS FROZEN TREAT MAKER - easily make ice cream out of frozen fruits!

TRAVEL THERMO-FRIDGE/WARMER – keep your goods hot or cold while on the go!







ReBoot Your Body Belly Bag


O OLIVE OILS - citrus flavored olive oils make seasoning much easier!


CHOFFY - chocolatey and healthier alternative to coffee




SKINNYTINIS - cocktail guide for those girls nights :)


WINE – TRAX  wine glasses to measure your serving size (for those wine lovers like me!)


STEVE’S ORIGINAL PALEO KITS - grain free granola (so good!), grass fed jerky, and more (Sam is a big fan)




 VEGAN HOT CHOCOLATE CUPS - simple, easy way to make vegan hot chocolate


BARNEY BUTTER – Oh my, talk about delicious almond butter.  I’ve tried the smooth and if anyone wants to surprise me with the crunchy, then I would totally be okay with that!




“I understand that scissors can beat paper…” QUOTE SIGN (obsessed with this sign!)


Here are some other awesome gift guides!



THE 2011 INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE  (What’s this Integrative Nutrition you ask?  I will tell you very soon!)


I hope these ideas help you find that perfect something for a special someone (or maybe even yourself)!  What is something that you would like to give/receive??

All in all, the holidays are a lot more about giving gifts and holiday parties.  So let yourself relax and enjoy the season with family and friends.  And treat yourself to a little eggnog too :)

Wishing you happy & healthy holidays!


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